How to solve your planning pains and see everything on site in real time

  • Jason Ruddle
    Regional Director – ɫ
  • Richard Crichton
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Increase productivity and on-time delivery by 25%

With instant progress reports and sharing of critical information, you avoid or minimise disruption so your teams can focus on building

Save up to 50% time on administrative workload

ɫ generates automated reports and dashboards with data from the on-site teams to keep your stakeholders informed about the evolution of the project

Get clear, up-to-date overview of the activities on your projects

ɫ gives you a live view of what is happening on site, on a project or across projects so you can focus your attention where it matters

Watch how easy it is to get instant progress reports directly from site and save hundreds of hours normally spent on admin work

In this webinar, ɫ Regional Director and UK Managing Director Jason Ruddle will take you through some exciting customer journeys. The webinar will be co-hosted by Richard Crichton, advisor and civil construction expert. You will learn how our customers have saved time, increased efficiency and gained control of their projects by adding ɫ to their tools.

"The communication is more direct, you don’t forget anything and everything is documented. These are really big improvements for me. Direct communication and all information is stored in one place so if there is a problem, you can easily find it."
Freek Denayer
Project Manager, Cit Blaton

What you will learn

  1. How project managers are able to get an instant view of their project progress, cutting the number of site visits in half
  2. How one app enables site teams to share progress updates and flag problems, directly coupled with your 3-6 week planning
  3. How project managers are able to work remotely. Even from a distance, they can track progress, see everything and anticipate what’s next
  4. How customers are able to adopt the planning module of ɫ in less than 24 hours

Watch how seamlessly GenieBelt integrates with MS Project

Allow on-site teams to provide progress updates and communicate in one application while you still use your favourite planning tool

ɫ integrates seamlessly with industry leading planning tools so that you can continue to work the way you are used to. Import/export schedules from Asta Powerproject, MS Project, or Primavera to and from ɫ. Now, your master schedule and short-term planning are synchronised and you have complete control of your project.

Management will love you

It can take a lot of time to produce updates for management, and reports are outdated as soon as they are printed. ɫ allows you to generate instant reports and dashboards with a wide variety of metrics. And you can rest assured that the information you provide is up to date and accurate.

  • Weekly progress reports
  • Critical events reports
  • Fully customisable
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Accurate, actionable information in real-time

Because ɫ GenieBelt takes information directly from the the workers on site, it eliminates communication delays and misunderstandings. The data is brought straight from field, and into the live schedule—which is being updated with progress as the workers report on it. This way the data you rely on to make important decisions is always clear and fresh.

No need to chase people for status updates

  • No need to spend time calling or emailing for updates – everything is right at our fingertips
  • Save time with fewer and shorter meetings
  • Get access to your project information anywhere, in the field or at the office
  • All task notifications and critical updates reach you immediately on your mobile device
  • Create reports in seconds and easily send these on to all relevant parties
“Within the industry, the programme is king. If we don’t deliver on time, it’s going to cost us more money or certainly cost someone more money. So when using ɫ to provide that visibility up the chain, sales managers, senior managers can see what is going on the project.”
Matt Ghinn
Project director – VolkerFitzpatrick
The thing that changed it, was connecting the teams through a live programme that helped us avoid downtime between activities. If your programme is not updated frequently, problems on site get worse because they have not been communicated to the right person quickly.
Federico Salazar
CEO, Provivienda
With just a few clicks, I can learn the current state of my projects. I can see where we are having problems and which contractors are experiencing delays. This kind of knowledge, which is difficult to get, is indispensable as it helps us evaluate and improve our approach to work.
Jimmi Grouleff IdealhuseJimmi Grouleff

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