The deathly statistics of the construction industry – focusing on mental health & inclusion

  • Thomas Goubau
    Chief Customer Officer (CCO) – ɫ
This webinar has already taken place but you can access the recording here.

Construction is one of the deadliest industries in the world. You might instantaneously think that people face a higher risk of injuries and even death when working with heavy equipment every day.
What most people do not know is the fact that death rates in construction are not related to the work on site, but to the fact that construction workers are more inclined to take their own lives.

The statistics paint a bleak picture of the industry


Construction workers take their own lives every year in the UK


Of all work related illnesses are related to stress, depression or anxiety


New cases of work related illness in construction every year (UK)

Studies show that construction workers are six times more likely to die by suicide than from a workplace accident. In the UK, two construction workers takes their lives every day. In Australia, one commits suicide every other day. Construction claims the highest number of suicides in any profession.

Mental health is not receiving enough attention in an industry focused on increasing efficiency, digitalisation and automation. Today, on-site workers deal with long working hours, demanding schedules, a male-dominated working culture, and a very insecure job market. On top of this, COVID-19 has added even more pressure to the industry.

Meet the panelists

Chloë Davies

Head Of PR & Partnerships at myGwork – LGBT+ professionals & allies

Simon Blake

OBE CCMI, Chief Executive Officer – Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Maria Coulter

BEM Managing Director – Construction Coach

Jorgen Gullestrup

Chief Executive Officer – MATES in Construction

Calvin Beyer

CWP Vice President; Workforce Risk & Worker Wellbeing – CSDZ